Great Digital Products Start With Great Design.

Whether you need a mobile app or a website, we have the expertise you need to bring your product vision to life.

What Is Product Design?

At its core, product design involves identifying a market opportunity, defining a problem, and developing and refining a solution to that problem.

Every great tangible product is designed with thoughtful attention to who will use it and how. A great digital product is no different.

Product design is arguably the most important consideration when thinking about the competitive edge your digital product can offer your users.

Our Product Design Process

No "one-size-fits-all" approach

No two products are the same, and the balance of different factors all weigh into how to approach the design of a product.

Each product design strategy we apply is tailored to your needs.

user_needs_iconUser Needs
business_reqsBusiness Requirements
tech_feas_iconTechnical Feasibility

Our process starts with you — we will work to understand your approach and your progress.

The Double Diamond Framework

Discover, Define, Develop, Deliver — these are the different phases of the Double Diamond framework, all marked by divergence and convergence. During each phase, it’s critical to step back at times, allowing for open-minded thinking. At other times, converging or narrowing in on ideas is important. The process is by no means linear: You can think of it as an iterative, cyclical process.

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At times we'll challenge you and test your idea, making sure your product passes rigorous checks along the way. Ultimately, this means a product that has the greatest potential to thrive.
DiscoverWe explore the problem. What is it? Who are we solving the problem for? Are there different problems that face unique sets of user types?
Define & AgreeWe agree on the scope of the solution based on our understanding of the problem. At this point we have a set of solid requirements and have polished design assets that can be handed off to our software engineers as a blueprint for implementation.
SolutionThrough a feedback loop of design and development, the solution is implemented and released. This is only after rigorous QA, to ensure that the product functions as intended and holds a high fidelity to the UI/UX established in the design assets use to guide the implementation.
The development process is by no means linear: it's iterative and cyclical. Going back and forth between the different halves of the diamonds is something that can strengthen the product as it's refined.
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A Laser Focus On The User

The success of a product hinges on what the experience is like for its users. That’s why we take a user-centered design approach to what we do. Here are some of the key questions we ask ourselves, whether we’re designing a new product or enhancing an existing one:

Identify the User

Who will be using the product? Are there different types of users? What are the user’s goals?

Determine Context of Use

How will users be interacting with the product? What are the problems and pain points that exist?

Explore Solutions

Can we fulfill a user’s wants and needs while also fitting within technical and budgetary constraints?


Can we validate ideas? Does our solution meet all requirements? How can we iterate and improve?

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