Flexible services tailored to you. You only get what you need, and nothing that you don't.

We can bring branding and design, application development and documentation. You bring your ideas, your expertise and your vision.

Infrastructure Consulting

Are you wondering if you should build your IT presence in the cloud or on premises? Do you need to connect to a specific destination and receive specific data? You need to scale to more users? Our engineers will work through your requirements to figure out what you need. We specialize in financial services infrastructure due to our finance clients and our principal consultant Simon Beverton, who has spent 2 decades in finance IT.


Future Wonder has a deep bench available to tackle your financial product build out. We build on Blockchain technologies and traditional finance platforms to help you compete in the fast changing FinTech arena.

Pitch Deck

Do you need to raise money for your concept? Future Wonder can work with you to discuss your requirements. We will help you build a pitch deck which will help you promote your own business. We can include preliminary application designs to visualize your product for your audience.

Online Presence

We can assist you with an SEO assessment of your site and suggest improvements. We have experience in vulnerability testing using tools to scan your application and implement security improvements.

UI / UX Design - Desktop / Mobile

We can help you design your new application, redesign or expand your existing application on both desktop and mobile to satisfy your requirements and match your branding. Our engineers are familiar with multiple technologies - and we can debate the merits of all of them with you.

Logo Design

Once you have a logo for your business other branding ideas and designs will follow. We have worked closely with clients to solidify their branding message and make them proud of their idea!

3rd Party Engineering

Most web applications catering to consumers require interactions with 3rd parties like Stripe for payments or Google Maps for locations. This is often the trickiest part of implementing a new consumer facing application. Should you buy or build? We have assessed and done many integrations with 3rd parties for our clients.

Legacy App Engineering

Do you have an existing application that you need new features for? The Future Wonder team has experience across different platforms and industries; we will document your existing applications code and footprint. This will provide the understanding you need to make executive decisions.
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